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Project Management Plan

This assignment assists the team in defining and planning the activities that are required for the successful completion of the project. The project plan reflects your understanding of the project at the time it is developed. You should update your plan throughout the Fall Semester and you will also submit an updated version of your plan at the beginning of the Spring Semester.

In the Ulrich and Eppinger book, read the chapter on Product Planning, and the chapter on Managing Projects for an overview of planning related to product development. Apply the methods from the Managing Projects chapter when planning and executing your project.

Your plan should include a work breakdown structure (WBS) with a brief but understandable identification of major activities. Your WBS should cover at least three nested levels. One level should address a conceptual grouping of activities (perhaps even somewhat generic to most product design and business development projects). A second level should address specific project deliverables (the course assignments are intended to contribute to the accomplishment of the first level groupings). A third level should address the tasks that you believe will be necessary to complete to develop each deliverable. The plan does not require extensive detail, but does require careful thought.

The plan should have considerable detail for the Fall and sketchy detail for the Spring.

For each task, include the task deliverable and the person who has oversight for the task. While several people may work on a task, make sure that only one person is assigned oversight responsibility.

Use Microsoft Project, or equivalent project planning software, to document the plan. Include, at a minimum, tasks, timing, deliverable and responsible person. The plan should be self supporting so that someone reading just the Gantt chart output can understand the plan.

You may deviate from the format described here, but stick to the spirit. If in doubt, consult with a course instructor.

Update your plan frequently.

Submitting the Assignment

Email (PDF format) to your company contact and to your faculty mentor. Upload (PDF) to the course Canvas site. Only one member of the team has to upload to Canvas.