Some of the products and patents resulting from past NPDBD projects


QFO Labs Quad Fighter

Medtronic - iPad product information app

3M Post-it flag/highlighter

3M Post-it Flags and Notes On-The-Go pack

Comedicus MRI Looped Coil Antenna

Enhanced Mobility Technologies MotoVate Biofeedback System

Second generation bottle for 3M Twist 'N Fill system

SXE Earphones

Enduratec Thermo-Electric Tissue Grip

OrthoCor Active Knee System

System and method for closure of an internal opening in tissue, such as a trans-apical access opening
Patent No.: 8,734,484
Patent issued May 27, 2014
Apparatus for and method of making a frozen confectionery product
Patent No.: 7,754,266
Patent issued July 13, 2010
Pressure Indicator
Patent No.: 6,799,467
Patent issued October 5, 2004
Enduratec Thermo-Electric Tissue Grip
Patent No.: 6,547,783
Patent issued April 15, 2003
Intravascular Temperature Sensor
Patent No.: 6,514,214
Patent issued February 4, 2003
Radio Frequency Ablation Apparatus with Remotely Articulating
and Self-Locking Electrode Wand
Patent No.: 6,423,059
Patent issued July 23, 2002
Integrated Illumination and Imaging System
Patent No.: 6,306,083
Patent issued October 23, 2001
Means for connecting modular parts of an implantable prosthesis
Patent No.: EP1080704
Patent issued March 7, 2001
Integrated Illumination and Imaging System
Patent No.: 6,013,025
Patent issued January 11, 2000
Torsion Rod Hinge with Friction Dampening
Patent No.: 5,787,549
Patent issued August 4, 1998

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