Spring Semester 2017
Class meetings in 
Hanson Hall 1-105
Wednesdays, 5:00 to 8:20 pm
01/18  Team presentations: Lessons Learned (5-7pm)
  Team meeting (7pm)
01/25  "Business Models" (Forbes) [Homework] (Lecture notes)
   Team meeting (6:30pm)

  Due: Revised Statement of Work
  Due: Revised Project Management Plan
02/01  "Industrial Design" (Danny Gelfman, Medtronic)
   Team meeting (6:30pm)
02/08  "Venture Valuation" (Finch) [Homework(Lecture notes)
   Team meeting (6:30pm)
 Due: Concept Testing with Customers Report (VOC 2)
02/15  "Developing Medical Products" (Iaizzo)
  Team meeting (6:30pm)
02/22  "Writing a Patent"  (David Black, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner)
   Team meeting (6:30pm)
 Due: Product Technical Requirements
03/01  "Product design & social impact" (Fred Rose, Acara)
   Team meeting (6:30pm)
03/08  "Basics of Manufacturing" (Erdman)
   Team meeting (6:30pm)

  Due: Revised Product Summary
Spring break: March 13-17
03/22  "Prototyping and Low Volume Production" (Richard Baker, CTO, Proto Labs)
   Team meeting (6:30pm)

  Due: Product Animation
  Due: Provisional Patent Application
03/29  "Current trends in product design" (Derek Mathers, Worrell
Team meeting (6:30pm)
04/05  Team presentations: Technology Demo (5-7pm)
   Team meeting (7pm)

  Due: Schedule final review with client
  Due: Alpha Prototype and Elevator Pitch
04/12 Team presentations: Business Plan (5-7pm)
 Team meeting (7pm)

 Due: Prototype Testing with Customers Report (VOC3)
04/19  "Pitch Strategies" (Durfee)
  Team meeting (6:30pm)
04/26  (last class) Team presentations: Condensed Final Project Review (5:10 Team1, 5:30 Team2, 5:50 Team3, 6:10 Team4, 6:30 Team5, 6:50 Team6, 7:10 done)

  Due: Project Video

Final Project Review (scheduled between May 1 and May 12)
Final Project Report (due at Final Project Review)
Peer Evaluations (due before Noon on Friday May 5)
Project Wrap-Up
Project Reviews:
ContainerTuesday May 2 at 8:00 in CSOM 2-215
Backpack Thursday May 11 at 4:00pm in the Medical Devices Center
Balloon TBD
Birthing TBD
Equine TBD
Spine TBD

Fall Semester 2016
Class meetings in Carlson School of Management L-122
Wednesdays, 5:00 to 8:20 pm
09/07  "Course Introduction" (Iaizzo). "New Product Development Process" (Erdman) (Lecture notes)

  Due (7-Sept, 5pm): Resume
  Due (9-Sept, 1pm): Project Selection
  Due (9-Sept, 5pm): C&IP signature pages
09/14  Creativity and Team Bonding (Durfee & teams)
09/21  Project kick-off meeting with client (likely Wednesday at 5pm, but may be some other time this week)

  Due: Prepare for Kick-Off Meeting
  Due: Select Team Leader
09/28  "Customer Research Methods" (Susan Kimmel, in2ition (Double session, 5-8pm, no team meetings) (Lecture notes)

  Due: Web Site and Document Drive
10/05   Team presentations: Pre-Project Planning (5-7pm)
  Team meeting (7pm)

  Due: Statement of Work
  Due: Pre-Project Planning Report
  Due: Project Management Plan
10/12  "Sketching and Prototyping" (Durfee) (5-7:30pm)
   Team meeting (7:30pm) 
10/19  "Creating Needs Statements" (Durfee) 
   Team meeting (6:30pm)

  Due: Team Rules
10/26  "Patents and Patent Searching" (Erdman)
  Team meeting (6:30pm)
11/02  "Basics of Financial Models for New Products" (Finch)
  Team meeting (6:30pm)

 Due: 3D Print Model (show in class)
11/09  "The 'Lean Startup' & Related Tools" (Forbes) (Lecture notes)
  Team meeting (6:30pm)

 Due: Customer Needs Report (VOC 1)
11/16  Team presentations: Concepts and Prototypes (5-7pm)
 Team meeting (7:00pm)
 Due: Early Prototype
 Due: Schedule mid-project review
11/23  No class, team meetings optional (Thanksgiving, but don't lose your momentum)

 Due: Patent Search Report
11/30  "Pitching to Clients" (Jesse Litwak & Steven Kain, Medtronic)
 "Prepping for Review" (6:15, Durfee)
  Team meeting (6:30pm)

 Due: Product Summary
12/07  (last class) Team presentations: Condensed Mid-Project Review (5-8pm)

Mid-Project Review (scheduled between Dec. 12 and Dec. 21)
Mid-Project Report (due at Mid-Project Review)
Peer Evaluations (due before Noon on Friday Dec. 16)
Mid-Project Reviews:
Balloon Friday December 9, 11:00am at Medtronic endoVascular, Yukon Conference Room, Atria 5th Floor, 3033 Campus Drive, Plymouth, MN 55441
Birthing Friday December 9, 3:00pm in CMRR Solarium conference room
Spine Wednesday December 14, 6:00pm in Carlson School of Management L-122
Equine Thursday December 15, 6:30pm in Carlson School of Management L-127 
Container Friday December 16, 12:00pm in Carlson School of Management 2-215
Backpack Wednesday December 21, 5:00pm in the Medical Devices Center


  1. Team meeting locations will be determined by the individual teams and their company sponsor. These meetings may take place off campus that the company site.
  2. Lectures start promptly at the scheduled time.
  3. Students are expected to prepare for the lectures by doing relevant (assigned or not) readings in advance and come to class ready to participate. If lectures list a lecture prep link, do the work before the lecture.
  4. "Team Presentations" means 2-3 students from each team make a formal presentation on the stated topic.
  5. All items listed as "Due" are deliverables that are due at the beginning of class on the day listed. Click on the link for a description of the deliverable. Delivery of an item that is due generally consists of posting one copy on the team web site, delivering one paper copy to class and delivering one paper or email copy to the company liaison.
  6. The schedule will change. The version on the web is always the most current.