Project Document Drive

Each team must create and maintain a secure, up-to-date project document drive. The site drive will be accessible to team members and to other course faculty on an as-needed basis.

Creating Your Project Drive

  1. At the end of the course, you will need to hand off to your company contact all of the files pertaining to your project. Discuss with your faculty coach and your company contact the best method (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc) for storing these files. Be aware that Google Drive folders created by @umn accounts can not have ownership transferred to people who do not have @umn accounts. If you choose to use Google Drive, it may be best if your company contact creates the folder and shares it with your team.
  2. Under the top-level folder, create these folders:
      1. Team (see below)
      2. Final Documents (for the as-delivered versions of course assignments and company assignments)
      3. Working Documents (for draft versions of documents)
      4. Resource Documents (materials you collect throughout the project)
      5. Project Plan (contains the up-to-date project plan)
      6. Expenses (a folder with a Google Doc Spreadsheet keeping a running total of expenses)
      7. Any other folders you think may be useful for storing project information.
  3. In the Team folder, upload the resumes (PDF) of the team members. In addition, create a one page document (Google doc or PDF) named "Team." On this page, put the project title at the top, then create a table with one cell per team member. In the cell include a photo (good quality head shot), name, cell number, and email of the team member. Link the name to a PDF of the student's resume. Below the table include the name, title, company, telephone and email of the main company contact. Below this include the name, title, telephone and email of the main faculty advisor.

Sharing Your Drive

Set the sharing settings of your Project Drive so that they are private. Share the site and drive with the student members of the team (edit access), the course faculty (view access) and the company rep (view access). On an as-needed basis add others to the view access list, keeping in mind that any non-company people must have signed the course confidentiality agreement.

Maintaining Your Drive

Regularly update the drive with working documents. When delivered, post final versions of course assignments to the Project Drive