Mid-Project Report

A report on the project is delivered to the project client and to the faculty advisor at the end of Fall semester. It is typically not reviewed by other course faculty.

The report is a 2-3 page executive summary followed by the mid-project review presentation slides. Key deliverables from the semester are attached as appendices.

The executive summary should have:

  1. One sentence description of product
  2. Market opportunity (market segment, market size, key VOC results, needs statements)
  3. Product description
  4. Business model (first pass)
  5. Plans for January - May

Appendices should include:

  1. Pre-Project Planning Report
  2. Customer Needs Report
  3. Patent Search
  4. Product Summary
  5. anything else you think is vital for understanding the project

Submitting the Assignment

Email (PDF format) to your company contact and to your faculty mentor. Upload (PDF) to the course Canvas site. Only one member of the team has to upload to Canvas. Provide hard copies (no fancy binders please) to your company contact and faculty mentor at the Mid-Project Review.