Product Datasheet

Prepare a single-page, color product datasheet for your proposed product. The datasheet should include appropriate illustrations (in sketch, CAD, Illustrator or other form); and text describing the product itself, the use or application for which the product is intended, the benefits that users will enjoy, how users can overcome any barriers to use, and the price. (If you don't know what the differences are between "benefits" and "features", ask.) The datasheet should represent what the product is after it has appeared on the market and should not be a "hey, guess what's coming" teaser. This is the datasheet your client would hand out to prospective customers or prospective company investors, and is the flyer you can use when you collect concept reaction information from customers. You will do a preliminary version of the datasheet in the fall and a final revised version in the spring. Your datasheet should be as real as possible.

Note that the main purpose of this deliverable is to put some specifics on the product concept and to indicate the primary message you intend to communicate to the target market. Please put on your product developer's hat for this assignment, not your ad manager's hat. Also, remember that creating something clever generally obscures your message of what the product is and what benefits it has for the customer.

Pay attention to graphic design principles when creating your datasheet. The style should be appropriate to the audience you wish to reach. Study flyers, brochures and print ads for competing and analogous products to determine what is and is not appropriate. If you are a graphic design amateur, study a graphic design tutorial book. For example, you may want to use your project discretionary fund to purchase this excellent book: (Williams, The Non-Designer's Design Book.)

Important: Again, remember that the objective of this deliverable is not so much to create a clever sell tactic but rather to very clearly define WHAT (clear definition of the concept), WHO (clear definition of the target market), and WHY (clear statement of the benefits for the target market). And, to do all that on one page!