Project Video

Create a no-more-than-three-minute video that pitches your product opportunity. The video should have the following components:

    1. Description of the problem to be solved
    2. Description of the solution
    3. Demonstration and explanation of how the solution works
    4. Why the solution and the opportunity has value. Consider including testimonials from key opinion leaders.

The video should be professional, high quality and at a level where your client would be comfortable in showing to an investor (internal or external). Avoid being goofy, making over-the-top statements about how wonderful your product is and cheesy music. You may wish to show your video at your final project presentation.

Before you go into production, consult on the video content with your client, your faculty mentor and optionally, other course faculty.

If possible, use MP4 with H.264 encoding for the output format. Here and here are files that explain why.

Host the animation on a secure, password protected web server and submit the URL and password to the course Canvas site. Or, host as a password protected YouTube or Vimeo streaming video and post the link and password on Canvas.

If you are sharing a video via Google Drive, ensure that the file is shared to all of the faculty and the webmaster, and post the link to the video on Canvas. Embedding the video from Google Drive does not work properly.

Leave yourself plenty of time for planning, writing scripts, shooting and editing.

Submitting: Canvas limits uploads to 20 Mb. Therefore, post your video to a password-protected video sharing site (your choice) and then upload the link to Canvas. Put the password in the comments section of the upload.