Project Wrap-Up

Several tasks must be completed to close out the project:

    1. Gather all prototypes, reports, patent files, brochures, raw interview data, team member notebooks, etc. Place in a large plastic tub or similar container. Make an inventory list. Deliver to sponsor.
    2. Burn a flash drive that has final report (PDF and source formats), presentation slides, all the course deliverables, all technical material (CAD files, code files, engineering calculations, user manuals) and anything else relevant to the project (e.g. reports, meeting minutes, interview scripts, ...) Deliver one flash drive to sponsor and one to the faculty coach, preferably at the final project review.
    3. Discuss with the sponsor the final disposition of any files on any shared/cloud drives (DropBox, Google Drive, etc). Unless the sponsor wants the shared drive to remain active, you should delete all files from shared drives, and disable any remaining access to the drive. If the sponsor wants the drive to remain intact, they should disable access for the team members once the class is done.
    4. Confirm that invoices for all project expenses have been sent to sponsor (e.g. for work done in on-campus machine shops).
    5. Return NPDBD prototyping kit to Durfee.
    6. Anything else required by the project sponsor.