Scheduling the Project Review

Schedule the date, time and place of the end-of-semester, mid-project review and final project review. Generally, reviews are done on-site at the company.

This assignment is complete when it is listed on the class schedule, complete with driving directions for off-campus locations. That will happen after you email the date, time, and location of the review to the course webmaster.

Scheduling notes:

    1. Project reviews should be scheduled during the last week of classes or during exam week; your choice.
    2. For established-company projects, hold the review at the company site; otherwise schedule a UMN conference room or classroom.
    3. The event should be about 60 minutes with the length of your formal presentation being 30-35 minutes (no more), followed by a 30 minute discussion.
    4. Schedule the room for at least 75 minutes so that you have 15 minutes to setup before your audience arrives.
    5. Find out from your company liaison what dates and times would work best to maximize the number of company participants. You want to fill the room with people from the company.
    6. Maximize the number of course faculty who can attend.
    7. Consult with your client and faculty coach about others to invite to the review. For startup companies, may want to invite experienced entrepreneurs who can provide input to the project.
    8. Do not overlap with other teams. First come first serve. If another team has scheduled for the day you wanted, set your start time to allow faculty members time to travel between sites.
    9. Send date, time and location (including complete street address for locations off campus, include the link to your review if it will be held online) of the review to the webmaster at

Suggestion: Send individual invitations to all of the course faculty. Even better, if they use UMN Google Calendar, send a calendar invite. Then, keep on the faculty until you get a response. Then, email a reminder the day before.