Most assignments are turned in on the Canvas site for the current semester of the course (see link in menu bar at left.)

Team Assignments

Fall Semester

Resume - Submit resume and contact information to course

Project Selection - Online form for selecting projects, link sent out by email

C&IP Signature Pages - Submit confidentiality and intellectual property agreement

Kick-Off Meeting Preparation - Prepare for the project kick-off with the client

Team Leader - Select a team leader

Project Document Drive - Create and maintain a secure, up-to-date project document drive

Statement of Work - Contract between team and client describing project scope

Project Management Plan - How you manage the project

Pre-Project Planning - Project background, market segmentation, plan for needs finding

Customer Needs Report - Results of your customer needs interviews (VOC 1)

Patent Search - Results of your prior art patent search

Concepts and Prototypes - Demo of your concept rendering and prototype

Schedule Mid-Project Review - Getting the review on the books

Mid-Project Report - Project details

Peer Evaluations - Evaluating each other: at the end of each semester

Spring Semester

New Spring Students - A catch-up assignment only for students starting the course Spring Semester

Provisional Patent Application - A provisional patent application

Concept Testing with Customers - Results of testing your concepts with customers (VOC 2)

Prototype Reactions with Customers - Results of testing your prototype with customers (VOC 3)

Project Video - Short video that pitches your opportunity

Schedule Final Project Review - Get this done soon

Final Project Report - Archives the project

Project Wrap-Up - Final mop-up

Other Assignments

Homework - Individual prep for selected lectures

Team Presentations

Pre-Project Planning Presentation - Presentation of the pre-project planning report

Condensed Mid-Project Review - Short, in-class version of your presentation

Mid-Project Review - Your end-of-semester business pitch to the client at the client site

Lessons Learned - Present what team learned first semester

Alpha Prototype Demo - Demonstrate a working prototype

Business Plan Presentation - Present the highlights of your business case

Condensed Final Project Review - Short version of your final pitch

Final Project Review - Your polished business pitch to the client at the client site

These assignments are no longer required


Technical Requirements

3D Print Model

Manufacturing Plan

Product Animation

Elevator Story

Product Summary

Concepts and Prototypes