Some of the products and patents resulting from past NPDBD projects


Medtronic - iPad product information app

3M Post-it flag/highlighter

3M Post-it Flags and Notes On-The-Go pack

Comedicus MRI Looped Coil Antenna

Enhanced Mobility Technologies MotoVate Biofeedback System

Second generation bottle for 3M Twist 'N Fill system

SXE Earphones


System and method for closure of an internal opening in tissue, such as a trans-apical access opening

Patent No.: 8,734,484

Patent issued May 27, 2014

Apparatus for and method of making a frozen confectionery product

Patent No.: 7,754,266

Patent issued July 13, 2010

Pressure Indicator

Patent No.: 6,799,467

Patent issued October 5, 2004

Enduratec Thermo-Electric Tissue Grip

Patent No.: 6,547,783

Patent issued April 15, 2003

Intravascular Temperature Sensor

Patent No.: 6,514,214

Patent issued February 4, 2003

Radio Frequency Ablation Apparatus with Remotely Articulating and Self-Locking Electrode Wand

Patent No.: 6,423,059

Patent issued July 23, 2002

Integrated Illumination and Imaging System

Patent No.: 6,306,083

Patent issued October 23, 2001

Means for connecting modular parts of an implantable prosthesis

Patent No.: EP1080704

Patent issued March 7, 2001

Integrated Illumination and Imaging System

Patent No.: 6,013,025

Patent issued January 11, 2000

Torsion Rod Hinge with Friction Dampening

Patent No.: 5,787,549

Patent issued August 4, 1998

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