Manufacturing Plan

A report which contains the following:

    1. A detailed bill-of-materials for the final product. (Get a sample BOM from your sponsor and follow their style. Note that your BOM wants to be complete...down to the fasteners, duct tape, instruction manuals and packaging.)
    2. Details of manufacturing cost.
    3. Recommendation for manufacturing processes (molding, machining, ....) along with cost estimates.
    4. Recommendation for where manufacturing is to occur (in-house, contract,...) along with cost estimates. If you are recommending in-house assembly, specify where (facility, building, etc.). If you are recommending contract manufacturing, recommend a specific vendor and provide name, address, phone number and manufacturing capability.

Read Chapter 11, "Design for Manufacturing", of Ulrich and Eppinger.. Use Exhibits 6, 7, 8, 9 and 16 as a style for presenting mfg costs. Even better, get a sample of a costing document for a similar product made by your project sponsor and follow their style.