Upload a PDF of your one-page (one page only please) resume to the course Canvas site. The link for the Canvas site is in the left-hand menu of this page. You have access to the Canvas site if you are registered for the course.

More things to do

    1. Obtain the required project notebook. See syllabus for information.
    2. Purchase the text book and read Chapters 1-8 this week and the rest next week. The clients are expecting that you are familiar with product development at least at the level of this book. Reread appropriate sections of the book to prepare for lectures.
    3. Read the Info for Sponsors link on the course page so that you are familiar with how the sponsoring companies view this course.
    4. Read the confidential project description document located on the course Canvas site
    5. Click on all the links in the on-line schedule. Become familiar with all of the team assignments and scope out how much work each entails. Teams will be self-directed in handling assignments so it is essential that teams have a good management process for ensuring all work is professional and completed on time. Unless otherwise stated in the deliverable description, "completion" of a deliverable usually requires posting electronic copies on the team web site and the course Canvas site.
    6. Read the syllabus.